Have you think what social media gives you?

Yes. You are right. Have you ever thought about it? From the internet, we gain manythings, its true. But you also give manythings to internet.

Here are some are things you take from internet

  • Knowledge
  • Official advantage
  • Working advantage
  • Financial advantage
  • Frienship with stranger???

Do you think friendship with stranger gives you advantage? Chatting with him/her gives you fun? Not at all. Actually this types chatting actually taking you to the not curable illness. You can get cancer on your brain if you are spending more hours on your phone, tablet or your computer/laptop. This social sites actually eats up your memory and brain with your eyes. Your IQ potential also decreases with more spending hour in internet. The more you will be updated to the modernity, you will waste your brain. So keep yourself safe from internet. Specially, who are below 25.

You can browse internet for 20 to 30 minute maximum to search your problem of educational life or working life. But, beside it, you are in danger. Believe it, earth is not in danger, but you are in.


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