Introduction In digital logic design, circuits fall into two categories:combinational logic and sequential logic. Combinational logic circuits are implementation of Booleanfunctions. They compute their outputs as functions of theirinput. They do not have any memory elements. Sequential logic circuits, implement functions with state.That is, they keep information internally (think of this informationbeing stored in data... Continue Reading →

Why classical Physics relavant to Quantum

When it comes to particle physics, there's a sense that every law we know about classical physics just doesn't apply. In a lot of cases, that's disturbingly true. But some laws stay the same no matter how big or how small your subject. See how classical thermodynamics works on a quantum scale below, then keep... Continue Reading →

Human bone is stronger than steel

Your bones are incredibly strong. Ounce for ounce, bone is stronger than steel. One cubic inch of bone can withstand the weight of five standard pickup trucks, give or take a few pounds. If you're looking for the specifics to snap a piece of your skeleton, it takes about 4,000 newtons of force to break... Continue Reading →

Have you think what social media gives you?

Yes. You are right. Have you ever thought about it? From the internet, we gain manythings, its true. But you also give manythings to internet. Here are some are things you take from internet Knowledge Official advantage Working advantage Financial advantage Frienship with stranger??? Do you think friendship with stranger gives you advantage? Chatting with... Continue Reading →


No runway, no problem—have helicopter, will travel! Igor Sikorsky (1889–1972), father of the modern chopper, had no doubt at all about the brilliance of this amazing, flying machine, which he said was the closest thing to "fulfillment of mankind's ancient dreams of the flying horse and the magic carpet." Jet planes are wonderful for screaming... Continue Reading →


We take for it granted that we can fly from one side of the world to the other in a matter of hours, but a century ago this amazing ability to race through the air had only just been discovered. What would the Wright brothers—the pioneers of powered flight—make of an age in which something... Continue Reading →

Read Mind of Anyone

  How to Read Minds How many times have you heard someone tell you to just say something because they can’t read your mind? It turns out that this is only half true.The person telling you this may not be aware, but they certainly are capable of reading your mind. They just do it in... Continue Reading →

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